New hero “Labyrinth Dominator”- “Minotaur” is coming soon.

news | Jun 28.2019

The new hero “Labyrinth Dominator”- “Minotaur” is coming soon.


    "Have you ever heard of the guard of the huge maze in Crete? If not, you gotta listen to me." The old man kept warning every warrior trying to challenge the legendary maze on the island.
    "They say its name is Minotaur. Even the most naughty kid gets freaked out when this name is mentioned! It's got the body of a human and the head of a bull. No one can make it back! You heard that? That's the sound of its chain! Some stupid fool went to challenge that goddamn maze again. What a nightmare. By the way, young man, what's your name?" The old man was still trying to stop this young challenger.
    "Theseus. Thank you, sir, but still I'd like to give it a shot." The brave youth sounded firm.


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"The King of North" - "Minotaur" will be updated together with new hero