The new hero “ThunderStorm” - “Tlaloc” is coming soon.

news | Feb 09.2021

The new hero “ThunderStorm” - “Tlaloc” is coming soon.


Tlaloc is the God of Rain, Thunder, Drought, Flood, Hail, and Storm. As his sister Chalchuhtlicue, he is also the third deity who has become and masters the sun.


Before the terrible conspiracy happened, he was a mercy sovereign who rained the plants and earth. However, the plot broke his spirit. Within great sadness, he was not in the mood to work. That made earth run dry for lacking rain.


So people continued to pray for rain, and at last, Tlaloc responded to their pray by raining the firestorm. People were turned into birds and saved by Chalchuhtlicue, but Tlaloc's anger can never be stemmed.


"Time to end this era!"


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