The new hero “Eternal Regret” - “Kyuubi” is coming soon.

news | Apr 02.2021

The new hero “Eternal Regret” - “Kyuubi” is coming soon.


"This is the last time..."
"I've heard that when I was in Yin-Shang and Magadha."
"I'm not Jiang Ziya."
"I know, I know, you name yourself 'Yasuchika' now. Or... Should I still call you 'Seimei'?"
"So would you believe in me?"
"I can swear to my mom, who is the same as you, is a fox."
"So you're the child of Kuzunoha?"
"So, could you trust me?"

"I promise you that there will be the end of your rootless life, no more eviction and no more discrimination. You could settle down over there."

"I promise you!"
"At least pay more attention to my rock statue. Who will believe this rough and ugly rock was me?"
"Errr...Don't worry, leave the human business to me."


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