The new hero “Blackbeard” - “Teach” is coming soon.

news | Jan 10.2022

The new hero “Blackbeard” - “Teach” is coming soon


Edward Teatch, a pirate nicknamed "Blackbeard", is the most feared man in the sea for ships and sailors. Unlike other ordinary pirates who only dare to plunder small merchant ships, he dared to plunder those fully armed merchant ships. His famous ship "Queen Anne's Revenge" was robbed by his amazing courage and superb skills. . With the blessing of this powerful ship, Blackbeard's behavior became more and more unscrupulous. He even dared to besiege the port and attack the navy that came to rescue, in order to blackmail a large amount of ransom. But what others do not know is that although Blackbeard likes to plunder, he is not stingy. He distributed a large amount of looted treasure to his men to inspire them to fight. As an alcoholic, he often drank happily with the crew and got drunk. For him, wealth is not what he desires, but challenges. As a natural desperado, he enjoys the excitement and sense of accomplishment brought about by the challenge, even if it might cost him his life, he enjoys it and doesn't care.


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