New hero “Winter Goddess” - “Skadi” is coming soon.

news | Mar 10.2023

New hero “Winter Goddess” - “Skadi” is coming soon

Skadi, is a powerful frost giant, her excellent fighting skills and hunting skills are admirable. When her father, Sharkey, was killed by the gods, she traveled to Asgard and sought revenge. The gods feared her power and tried to make peace with her. They put Sharkey's eyes in the sky and made them stars, and ordered Loki to make her laugh, and let her choose a husband from among the gods to give up their hatred. 

Skadi chose a pair of fair feet this time, which belonged to Njord, the god of the sea. But the two have very different personalities: Nijord likes the ocean and fishing and hunting, but cannot bear the cold and silence of the mountains; Skadi loves the mountains and hunting, and hates the sound of seagulls and the smell of sea water. Although they took turns living in each other's territory, they couldn't live happily with each other. In the end, they decided to break up and return to their familiar places. 

Skadi returned to the snow-capped mountains of Trimheim alone. This mountain is shrouded in ice and snow all year round. Occasionally, the sound of wind and the slight footsteps of animals can be heard. Here, however, she finds peace of mind and feels deeply that she belongs here, of winter, frost and snow. 

But as the prophecy approached, Trimheim also began to become less peaceful. Skadi picked up the ax left by his father and prepared to meet the challenge of fate. The snow-capped mountain is still silent, but Skadi's heart is full of determination and courage.

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