July 17th Update - New Hero & Patch Notes

update | Jul 24.2019

Dear players,

A new update (version No.1.30.6) for Legend of Ace is ready.

Servers do not need offline for this new version, please restart your game and update the latest version

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►【New Hero Arrived】

------- Siren- [Azure Monster] -------

Introduction of skills:


   ATTACKS [Splash Attack]

Normal attack deals 70(+0.3ap) damage.
Normal attack against Heroes deals 80(+6*Lv)(+0.4ap) damage every 6 sec; Jumps to an ally while splashing water, restoring 30(+5*Lv)(+0.3ap) HP (50% to Siren).


   PASSIVE  [Music of the Sea]

Increase the movement speed of an ally by 30(+1*Lv)(+0.07ap) upon hitting it.


  SKILLS1 [Flood Tide]

Summon [waves], dealing 120/150/180/210/240/270(+0.6ap) damage in the frontal line and reducing the speed of the targets by 25%/28%/31%/34%/37%/40% for 3 sec.
Activate [tsunami] every 50 sec: knock back enemies in an extremely wide range for 1 sec; Every hit of [waves] reduces the cooldown time of [tsunami] by 1 sec.


  SKILLS2 [Illusion Melody]

Play a confusing melody, dealing 120/150/180/210/240/270(+0.7ap) damage to the first enemy in the frontal line and enchanting it for 1.25/1.4/1.55/1.7/1.85/2 sec.


  SKILLS3 [Water Mark]

Summon a barrier of water to protect an ally, making it immune to all damage for 2/2.25/2.5 sec.
[Water Mark] cannot be used on Siren.


►【Game Adjustments】

1. Optimize UI and Prompts


2. New Skin:-Siren, Heart Singer


3. Special Pack
-Siren's Special Pack (30%OFF Time-limited )


4. Increased Weekly Free Heroes from 10 to 12