April 29th Update - Patch Notes

update | Apr 29.2022

Dear players,

A new update (version No.1.60.1) for Legend of Ace is ready.

In preparation for this new version, servers will be offline during the following times:

Australia (UTC/GMT+10): April 29th,12:30PM - 3:30PM                        
North America (UTC/GMT-5): April 28th,8:30PM - 11:30PM                        
Asia (UTC/GMT+7): April 29th,8:30AM - 11:30AM                        
Europe (UTC/GMT+1): April 29th,2:30AM - 5:30AM                        
South America (UTC/GMT-3): April 28th,10:30PM - 1:30AM                        
India (UTC/GMT+5): April 29th,7:00AM - 10:00AM                       

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Thank you for your support

►【New Hero Preview】

-------Carmilla - [Bloody Countess] -------

Introduction of skills:

  Basic Attack[Scarlet Rose]

Basic Attack deals 300(+30% Attack Power) damage.

  PASSIVE [Vampire Kiss]

Blood is added to the HP recovered through skills. Every time you recover 1% Max HP, you will increase 10 Blood, up to 100. Every Blood will provide 2 Attack Power, which gradually decays after leaving the battle. 
Camilla turns into a bat when she takes fatal damage, and consumes all Blood to recover her HP, during which she cannot attack or be attacked. Transform back into human form after 4 seconds and gain 40% spell lifesteal bonus and 30% movement speed for 5 seconds, cooldown 50 seconds.

  SKILLS 1 [Impalement]

Spikes protrude from the ground and pierce enemies, dealing 360/485/610/735/860/985(+45% Attack Power) damage and slowing them by 20% for 1.5 seconds. Camilla restores for 10% of the total damage dealt. 
If Impalement hits twice in a row, the next  Impalement will be strengthened. 
Enhanced  Impalement: Increases 200(+15% Attack Power) damage and imprisons the enemy hit for 1.5 seconds.

  SKILLS 2 [Blood Drain]

Absorbs the blood of surrounding enemies, dealing 125/150/175/200/225/250(+16% Attack Power) damage every 0.4 seconds for 4 seconds. 
Carmilla restores for 25% of the damage.

  SKILLS 3 [Iron Maiden Punishment]

Camilla locks the target enemy hero into the Iron Maiden, dealing 500/1000/1500(60% Attack Power) damage and inflicting the Iron Maiden's penalty on him for 5 seconds. 
During the period, the enemy hero takes 200/300/400(+1%Target MaxHP) damage every 0.6 seconds, and slows down by 40%. If the hero is moving, the damage is increased by 200%.

The new hero will be online on May.14

►【Game Adjustments】

1Hero Balance Adjustments:

Hattori Masanari - Oni Hanzo

-Ability [Shadow Strike] ↓
Reduecd the Damage from 450/575/700/825/950/1075(+80% Attack Power) to 400/500/600/700/800/900(+65% Attack Power)


Cleopatra - The Last Pharaoh

-Basic Attack [The Hand of Lust] ↓
Reduecd the Damage from 350(+80% Attack Power) to 350(+70% Attack Power)
Reduecd the Damage Melee State from 525(+120% Attack Power) to 400(+100% Attack Power)

-Ability [Punch] ↓
Reduecd the Damage from 500/700/900/1100/1300/1500(+120% Attack Power) to 500/650/800/950/1100/1250(+100% Attack Power)

-Ability [Rotation] ↓
Reduecd slow time from 2s to 1.5s


Takeminakata - Snake of Suwa

-Specialty [Deadly toxin] ↓
Reduecd the Damage from 20(+2% Attack Power)(+0.1%Target MaxHp) to 20(+1% Attack Power)(+0.1%Target MaxHp)

-Ability [Chain Winding] ↓
Reduecd slow effect from 40% to 20%


Mochizuki - Sakura Kunoichi

-Basic Attack [Dual Wield] ↓
Reduecd the Damage from 350(+90% Attack Power) to 300(+90% Attack Power)


Tlaloc - ThunderStorm

-Ability [Lightning Bolt] ↑
Increased the Damage from 500/600/700/800/900/1000(+30% Attack Power) to 500/625/750/875/1000/1125(+35% Attack Power)
Increased the fringe lighting damage from 75% to 85%


Hela - Queen Of The Underworld

-Ability [Taotie's Meal] ↑
Increased the Damage from 450/575/700/825/950/1075(+65% Attack Power) to 550/675/800/925/1050/1175(+65% Attack Power)


Anubis - The God of Jackal

-Specialty [Interrogate] ↑ 
Increased the MovementSpeed percentage from 0.5% per stack to 1% per stack

-Ability [SandStorm] ↑ 
Increased the Damage from 125/135/145/155/165/175(+20% Attack Power) to 125/140/155/170/185/200(+20% Attack Power)


2. Card Adjustments:

-Early Card Ⅰ.  [Devine Attack] ↓ 
+500 MaxHp->+250 MaxHp