August 21st Update - Patch Notes

update | Aug 21.2023

Dear challengers, A new update (version No.1.68.1) for Legend of Ace is ready. 

►【New Events Preview】

Mysterious Treasure:

 Event Time : 9/4-9/10
 New skins will be added to the treasure with a limit time increase in probability and discounts

Epic Treasure:

 Event Time : 9/6-9/12
 During the event, Epic Cards 2X Probability. Don't miss out!

New Hero:

 Event Time : 9/11-9/17
 Nemesis, Goddess of Vengeance, will activate limited-time discounts during the event period. Don't miss out!

Return of the Dead:

 Event Time : 9/18-10/1
 Limited skin-Zombie, Hestia-will be available in the limit shop. Don't miss it!

Battle Treasure:

 Event Time : 9/25-10/1
 New cards, "Shadow of the Breach", "Breakthrough the Limits", "Aura Fox", and "Guardian Faith" will be added to the Battle Treasure during the event. Limited-time lottery discounts will also be available. Don't miss out!

 ►【New Pass】

 Card [Chip Frency] · Tyche

Tyche flings chips around, dealing damage and becoming immune to control effects. Enemies step on red chips and take damage and slow. Allies stepping on green chips increases Movement Speed and recovers health.

 Card [Penetrating Flame Sword] · Uriel

Uriel throws a flame sword that can pass through minions. Deals 50% damage to minions in its path

►【Game Balance】

1Hero Balance Adjustments:

Olsson -  Berserker

Card [Rage] ↓
 +20% Crit Rate->+15% Crit Rate

Card [Death Horn] ↓
 +250 Attack Power->+200 Attack Power
 Lasts 5s after death->Lasts 4s after death

Card [Deadly Waving] ↓
 Gain 200% Attack Speed for 2s->Gain 150% Attack Speed for 1s


Hansel -  the Avenger

Ability [Flames of Rage]  
 Increased cooldown from 5.5/5.1/4.7/4.3/3.9/3.5s to 6/5.6/5.2/4.8/4.4/4s
 Reduced move speed bonus from 20(+1% Attack Power) to 15(+1% Attack Power)
 Reduced  the duration from 2.5s to 2s


Carmilla -  Bloody Countess

Ultimates [Blood Drain]  
 TIncreased cooldown from 65/55/45s to 70/60/50s
 Reduced  the duration from 10s to 7s

Card [Terrifying Scream]  
 the link time exceeds 1s -> 2s


Daphne -  Laurel Goddess

Card [Perpetual Whirling] ↓ 
 +200 Attack Power->+175 Attack Power
 Reduced flying distance from 5m to 3.5m

Card [Death Whirlwind] ↓ 
 Reduced damage from 400/600/800(+40% Attack Power) to 400/600/800(+30% Attack Power)


Jack -  The Ripper

Specialty [Vile Hunter] ↓ 
 Reduced damge bonus from 50(+50% Attack Power)(+30* Level) to 50(+40% Attack Power)(+30* Level

Basic Attack [Darkness Claw] ↓ 
 Reduced extradamage from 100(+30% Attack Power) to 100(+25% Attack Power)

Ability [Hide] ↓ 
 Increased interval of release from 3s to 4s


Teach - Blackbeard

Basic Attack [Fire Blow]  ↑ 
 Increased extra dealing damage from 80(+10* Level) to 110(+10* Level)

Ability [Pirate Raid]  ↑ 
 Reduced cooldown from 9/8.4/7.8/7.2/6.6/6s to 9/8/7/6/5s


Higanbana - the Miko of Sanzu River

Ultimates [Rebirth River] ↑ 
 Increased underworld area the duration from 7s to 10s


Uriel - Flame of God

Ability [Fire Strike]  ↑ 
 Increased damage from 240/300/360/420/480/540(+20% Attack Power) to 240/300/360/420/480/540(+30% Attack Power)

Ultimates [Ttial of Flames] ↑ 
 Increased damage from 300/400/500(+40% Attack Power) to 400/500/600(+45% Attack Power)
 Increased  the duration from 5.5s to 6s


Arthur - The Once and Future King

Specialty [Chivalry]  ↑ 
 Increased health regen from 150(+35% Attack Power)(+30* Level)(+3% TargetHP Lost) to 180(+40% Attack Power)(+30* Level)(+3% TargetHP Lost)


2. Cards Adjustments 

Card [Corpse Recovery] ↓ 
 Grant 450 Max Health->Grant 300 Max Health

Card [the World Tree] ↓ 
 Increased cooldown from 6s to 8s

3Other Adjustments 

Fixed Bug: Using skill [Instant Kill] does not deal True Damage when the card[Notice Of Misfortune] is activated.
Fixed Bug: S22 skin - Pirate King does not show the skin tag.
Fixed Bug: The describetion of Skill [War God's Trial] is displayed in error.