April 27th Update - New Hero & Patch Notes

update | Apr 27.2021

Dear players,

A new update (version No.1.52.0) for Legend of Ace is ready.

In preparation for this new version, servers will be offline during the following times:

Australia(UTC/GMT+10): April 27th, 2:30pm -5:30pm 
North America (UTC/GMT-5): April 27th, 12:30am-3:30am
Europe (UTC/GMT+1): April 27th, 6:30am-9:30am
Asia (UTC/GMT+7): April 27th, 11:30am-2:30pm
South America (UTC/GMT-3): April 27th, 1:30am-4:30am
India (UTC/GMT+5): April 27th, 9:30am-12:30pm

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Thank you for your support


►【New Hero】

-------Kyuubi- [Eternal Regret] -------

Introduction of skills:

  ATTACKS[Nine Tails]

Deal 400(+30% Attack Power) damage.


  PASSIVE [Cajolery]

When a basic attack or skill deals damage to enemy, it activates [tail]. Each basic attack activates 2, and each skill activates 3}.
When all 9 [tail] are active, the next basic attack or skill damage will deal an additional 300(+50%Attack Power) damage and restore150(+25% Attack Power) health.


  SKILLS 1 [Aroma]

Swing the tail in the designated direction, dealing 400/450/500/550/600/650(+50% Attack Power) damage to the enemy in the path.
 After hitting the enemy hero, you can dash in the designated direction  for 2 seconds, and gain 50% decaying movement speed bouns for 0.5 seconds.


  SKILLS 2 [Fox Fire]

Cast fox-fire toward the specified direction, dealing 650/800/950/1,100/1,250/1,400(+75% Attack Power) damage to enemies on the way. 
Hit the enemy hero can be used again after 5 seconds, dealing 1,050/1,200/1,350/1,500/1,650/1,800(+100% Attack Power)(+6%TargetHP Lost) damage to enemies in range, If you hit the enemy hero,   [Aroma]'s cooldown will be refreshed and gain a shield that absorbs 300(+120% Attack Power) damage for 2 seconds.


  SKILLS 3 [Exceedingly Beauty]

After a brief preparation, deals 1,000/1,750/2,500(+100% Attack Power) damage to enemy heroes in range and charms them for 1.5 seconds. 
Control-immune during skill preparation and release.

 ►【Game Adjustments】

1New Function:
Babe System has been opened and Lucky Lady has arrived.
You can unlock the Hero: Tyche , Lucky Lady and her Skin for free

-------Tyche- [Lucky Lady] -------

Introduction of skills:

  ATTACKS[Compulsive Gambler]

Basic Attack deal 350[EE8009](+100% Attack Power) damage. 
After every 3 Basic Attacks will throw a chip, randomly adding Front or Back effects to the next Basic Attack. 
Front Effect: Regenerates 140[EE8009](+40% Attack Power) health. 
Back Effect: Deals an additional 3[EE8009](+0.2*level)%  TargetMax HP damage


  PASSIVE [Lucky Chip]

Every time Tyche casts a enhanced attack, she gains one stack of [Gambling Addiction] (up to 5 stacks), increasing her Attack Speed by 5% for 8 seconds. She gains an additional 15% Attack Speed while reaching the full stacks


  SKILLS 1 [Flip Chip]

Flip a chip forward, dealing 450/550/650/750/850/950[EE8009](+80% Attack Power) damage to enemies within range , and get different results depending on the Front or Back of the throw. 
Head: Basic Attack add Front effect, and [Shoot Chip] becomes [1EDB22][Lucky Dash]. 
Tail: Basic Attack add Back effect, and [Shoot Chip] becomes [FF0000][Roll Chip]


  SKILLS 2 [Shoot Chip]

Shoot a Chip forward, dealing 775/925/1075/1225/1375/1525[EE8009](+50% Attack Power) damage to enemies along its flight path. Switch this Ability to [1EDB22][Lucky Dash] or [FF0000][Rolling Chip] depending on the results of [Flip Chip]. 
[1EDB22][Lucky Dash]: Dash towards designated direction. 
[FF0000][Rolling Chip] Roll a chip towards designated direction, dealing 775/925/1075/1225/1375/1525[EE8009](+50% Attack Power) damage to enemies along its path and slow them down by 40% for 2s

  SKILLS 3 [Condemn of Destiny]

Rotate a chip towards designated direction, dealing 400/800/1200[EE8009](+50% Attack Power) damage and knocking them back to the destination. Deal 200/400/600[EE8009](+50% Attack Power) damage in the destination and bless or curse that realm for 4s. 
 [1EDB22]Bless: Recast to blink to the location of chip. 
[FF0000]Curse:  Deal 140[EE8009](+40% Attack Power) damage for each 0.5s and slow them down by 60%. 
After learning the Ultimate Ability, the last 2 results of [Flip Chip] will be recorded. When the results come as Double [Front], Ultimate will switch to [1EDB22]Bless and Double [Back] to [FF0000]Curse.


2Game Optimized:
- Fixed some Bugs and optimized the Game Control


3Hero Balance Adjustments:

Nut - Mother of the Stars
-Ultimates [Neutron Impact]
Reduecd  Cooldown from 60/55/50 to 55/50/45


Olsson - Berserker
-Ability [Fearless Cyclone]
Increased Healing from 75/90/105/120/135/150(+10% Attack Power) to 100/115/130/145/160/175(+15% Attack Power)
Increased Healing against heros from 100/130/160/190/220/250(+25% Attack Power) to 125/155/185/215/245/275(+30% Attack Power) 


Dracula - Vampire Earl
-Specialty [Bloodthirsty]
Increased the Extra Damage from 250(+40% Attack Power) to 300(+40% Attack Power)


Hela - Queen Of The Underworld
-Specialty [Rage Of Fenrir]
Increased the Damage from 100(+20* Level)(+15% Attack Power) to 150(+20* Level)(+25% Attack Power)


Odysseus - Shadow Shooter
-Ability [Shadow Burst]
Increased  Cooldown from 10 to 15/14/13/12/11/10