The new hero “Harvest Goddess” - “Demeter” is coming soon.

She always appeared in front of mankind with a beautiful and gentle image. She taught mankind to cultivate and fertilize the land, so that human harvest of grain, flowers and fruits.

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news | Oct 13.2021

The new hero “Ruler of the Ocean” - “Poseidon” is coming soon.

Poseidon is unruly and powerful. Unlike Hades' silent obedience, he is not satisfied with his status under others, and always wants to overthrow Zeus's rule.

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news | Aug 30.2021

The new hero “Flame of God” - “Uriel” is coming soon.

Uriel is the flame of god, also is the light of god.

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news | Aug 03.2021

The new hero “Goddess of Lotus” - “Lakshmi” is coming soon.

Lakshmi, Hindu goddess of wealth and good fortune.

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news | Jul 02.2021