The new hero “Lucky Lady” - “Tyche” is coming soon.

Tyche has many guises. She is good luck, she is bad luck, she is random, she is destiny. She is different at different times and that makes different people have different opinions of her.

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news | Apr 23.2021

The new hero “Eternal Regret” - “Kyuubi” is coming soon.

"Again?" "This is the last time..." "I've heard that when I was in Yin-Shang and Magadha." "I'm not Jiang Ziya." "I know, I know......

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news | Apr 02.2021

The new hero “The Last Pharaoh” - “Cleopatra” is coming soon.

Isis fell into the mortal world, turned into Cleopatra, and dominated this world. But......

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news | Mar 08.2021

The new hero “ThunderStorm” - “Tlaloc” is coming soon.

Tlaloc is the God of Rain, Thunder, Drought, Flood, Hail, and Storm. As his sister Chalchuhtlicue, he is also the third deity who has become and masters the sun. Before the terrible conspiracy happened......

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news | Feb 09.2021