New hero “the Creator of Worlds” - “Kaos” is coming soon.

Kaos existed before all things. In the beginning, she had no form and no will, only an endless void of darkness and chaos. She did not know who she was or what she was meant to do.

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news | Jun 08.2023

New hero “Winter Goddess” - “Skadi” is coming soon.

Skadi, is a powerful frost giant, her excellent fighting skills and hunting skills are admirable. When her father, Sharkey, was killed by the gods, she traveled to Asgard and sought revenge. The gods feared her power and tried to make peace with her. They put Sharkey's eyes in the sky and made them stars, and ordered Loki to make her laugh, and let her choose a husband from among the gods to give up their hatred.

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news | Mar 10.2023

New hero “the Avenger” - “Hansel” is coming soon.

Hansel is a taciturn bounty hunter who rarely shows his emotions. When he was a child, the whole village was attacked by monsters.

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news | Jan 10.2023

The new hero “The Miko of Sanzu River” - “Higanbana” is coming soon.

Higanbana is a quiet receptionist. Every day, she carries a lantern by the Sanzu River to guide the ghosts to the underworld. Legend has it that her smile can make people forget all troubles. But people always see a calm face.

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news | Jan 06.2023