The new hero “ThunderStorm” - “Tlaloc” is coming soon.

Tlaloc is the God of Rain, Thunder, Drought, Flood, Hail, and Storm. As his sister Chalchuhtlicue, he is also the third deity who has become and masters the sun. Before the terrible conspiracy happened......

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news | Feb 09.2021

The new hero “Demon Hunter” - “Vail Helsing” is coming soon.

It had been a long time since Dracula dropped everything to become a vengeful Demon. His enemies had all became dust and ashes, but to himself, who had to bear the curse of eternity as God's punishment, could never have this grace.

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news | Jan 12.2021

The new hero “God of Craftsman” - “Hephaestus” is coming soon.

Hephaestus, as a quartermaster of expeditionary forces, followed Zeus into the TimeSpace Singularity. However, things had not gone.....

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news | Dec 11.2020

The new hero “Goddess of Ghost” - “Melinoe” is coming soon.

Several days have passed since Halloween. However there's some news about Ghost from time to time. Slyph, who always wait at the entrance, alleged that she never met a ghost. So everyone thought that was a trick until Melinoe show up.

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news | Nov 11.2020