The new hero “Blackbeard” - “Teach” is coming soon.

Edward Teatch, a pirate nicknamed "Blackbeard", is the most feared man in the sea for ships and sailors.

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news | Jan 10.2022

The new hero “Brilliant Tactician” - “Zhuge Liang” is coming soon.

Zhuge Liang is a resourceful strategist who could predict the movements of enemy troops from thousands of miles away and set traps for them to go to their unsuspecting destruction

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news | Dec 07.2021

The new hero “Snake of Suwa” - “Takeminakata” is coming soon.

According to local rumors, explorers in the mountains often saw the figure of a boy, but when people approached it disappeared, and there was not even a trace on the ground.

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news | Nov 04.2021

The new hero “Harvest Goddess” - “Demeter” is coming soon.

She always appeared in front of mankind with a beautiful and gentle image. She taught mankind to cultivate and fertilize the land, so that human harvest of grain, flowers and fruits.

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news | Oct 13.2021