The new hero “The Ripper” - “Jack” is coming soon.

Rain in London always comes suddenly at night, and mist quickly rises on the dark streets. A black shadow suddenly flashed from the street corner, followed by a scream and a quarrel of calling the police from the roadside.

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news | Jul 05.2022

The new hero “Love Destiny” - “Cupid” is coming soon.

Cupid, the god of love, is the son of Venus. He is a handsome young man but very mischievous.

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news | Apr 13.2022

The new hero “Heart of the deep” - “Sia” is coming soon.

A great shadow rose from the abyss, revealing a white-haired maiden and the huge creature that carried her.

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news | Mar 02.2022

The new hero “Golden Chain” - “Zenobia” is coming soon.

If time cannot lessen the shame one iote, then wash it away with the blood of the enemy.

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news | Feb 16.2022